Hi, I'm Claire Scott

I'm a college student in Tulsa, but I'm from Fayetteville, Arkansas. I started this blog my sophomore year of high school to document my evolving style. Since then, it's grown to be a place where I share my ideas, personal writing, and current loves. I'm an aspiring writer, so this is my place to practice and grow.

I want Outfits and Observations to be a place for ideas to grow, so I've opened the site to contributors. Shoot me an email at outfitsandobservations@gmail.com if you have writing or art that you think would fit in here!


Mission statement:  Outfits and Observations is a website that empowers young women to create and express themselves through intelligent, thoughtful content. It's a community for those who appreciate style, in all forms, and acknowledge the importance of sharing their thoughts.