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March Playlist

March Playlist

Hello Friends, I am making my return to (hopefully) regularly blogging! The past few months have been doubly busy and lacking in motivation, but I believe I am here again. I have plans for some exciting posts coming up including: Spring Break in Portland, outfits, a spring/ summer wishlist, reviews of some of my favorite runway shows, some personal writing, and more! Fayetteville was just named the #3 place to live in America, so I think it would be awesome to do a post featuring some of my favorite spots in town.

This playlist is composed of 11 songs that make me smile right now, and I hope they have the same effect on you! Embrace spring, take pictures of the blooming flowers, walk your dog, and read on your back porch because those are all of the things I plan on doing this month!

Chloroform// Phoenix

Saturday Night// Natalia Kills

Wide Open// the Chemical Brothers

Disparate Youth// Santigold

Landslide// Oh Wonder

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)// Arcade Fire

Ophelia// the Lumineers

Blister in the Sun// Violent Femmes

Simple Girl// JR JR

Dance Yrself Clean// MS MR

Diamonds from Sierra Leone// Kanye West and Jay Z

new, shorter haircut

recent favorite at Onyx: English Breakfast tea latte w/ vanilla

whole foods just opened in fay & it has this cozy corner by the bar

becoming a regular at another Arsagas

recent read

getting out of work in time to catch sunsets!!

Saturday breakfast at the Farmers Table

Portlandia (part one)

Portlandia (part one)

embracing it

embracing it