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prom 2016

prom 2016

Nordstrom dress, choker and booties via Masons

Prom includes spending hours getting glam, dancing like crazy in a dream dress, and staying up until 3 am laughing with friends, so I’m a definite fan. The concept of prom as a whole is pretty overhyped, but getting down to Gold Digger with my friends in pretty clothes is never going to get old. 

Here’s a photo diary that begins with our bare faces and pajamas and ends with Beautiful Young Ladies, all captured by the lovely Ana Estrada.

We spent Saturday afternoon alternating between doing each others hair and makeup and having dance parties to Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits (when I was in charge of the music). It rained in the morning, but by noon the sun was shining. Helen’s solarium gave us the most perfect natural lighting and the illusion that we were spending time outdoors.

For my makeup look, I did dramatic liner and emphasized my brows. Laurel gifted us all with access to her makeup collection and did my contour. Ana helped take my sloppy daily hairstyle to a more glam level with loose curls and a more structured mini bun.

I found my dress at the Nordstrom in Portland over Spring Break and had been daydreaming about wearing it ever since. It’s simple but has just the right amount of detail to add some edge. The slit and the low neckline were pretty daring for me, and I felt so good in that dress! I wore my absolute favorite little black booties for some height and left my Birth of Venus art socks peeking out. Since there’s all the neckline drama going on, I kept jewelry simple with a gold choker that I’ll probably be wearing all summer. 

Everybody’s look ended up flawless! It makes me smile so big to see everyone so pretty, especially since we’re all in school uniforms half the time. 

matched most with Gaby <3

stunning, floral Ana

Laurel is a real life princess

I want to be Helen when I grow up

my very best pal Georgia and her dress from Ireland

beautiful best friends!




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may playlist

angels and denim

angels and denim