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--another-- festival style guide

--another-- festival style guide

This post was done by the lovely Abby Hollis, a new Outfits and Observations contributor! You'll get a chance to learn more about her soon. As I try to expand the vision of this blog, I'm looking for anyone interested in contributing! Shoot me an email (outfitsandobservations@gmail.com) if you have any ideas you want to share with the world.


Does the world suffer from a shortage of festival style guides? Absolutely not. This post in not to fill an unmet demand but rather to battle evil, to tip the good guide to bad guide ratio a little further toward good and to warn against the bad.

I present to you the do’s and don’ts of festival style, with a few concert tips along the way.

1. Glitter

Glitter seems like a good idea until the next day. And the next day. And every day after that that you continue finding glitter where you don’t want glitter. Don’t! Cover! Yourself! In glitter! Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. The worst offender? Hair glitter. If you do find yourself tempted by the appeal of glitter, I would suggest some sort of shimmer powder instead.


2. Bag

The convenience of having everything you might (will) need is unparalleled by the inconvenience of carrying a bag. Having water, bandaids, advil, etc. at all times will keep you alive through Lil Yachty moshpits and will help you make friends while waiting for Chance (although, don’t offer water if they look too thirsty... you’ll need it). When deciding what sort of bag to carry, there is an important question you must ask yourself: to grind or not to grind? Say you’re a grinder; fanny pack is a good option. Looking for a grind-free experience? A small backpack will give your backside just enough protection to ward off horny festival-goers. My personal favorite bag for such an occasion is my BAGGU backpack. Whatever your bag, make sure you’re able to store or attach a water bottle at all times. Don’t be the person who gets carried out minutes before the headliner.

3. Faux gold accessories

Rain and sweat happen. Don’t wear your favorite gold jewelry; it won’t be gold for long (RIP my gold beaded choker). Instead, opt for jewelry with colored glass beads or make your own with a variety of beads. Don’t wear anything you’ll have to worry about damaging or losing. That’s the last thing you should be thinking about while seeing your favorite artists with your best friends.

4. Swimsuits

Swimsuits can be great pieces in outfits. However, a swimsuit is not an outfit, even at a beach festival. DO: wear your swimsuit under transparent or woven materials, wear your swimsuit top with shorts or a skirt, wear your swimsuit bottoms under a short skirt or cover up. DON’T: wear only a swimsuit.

5. Color/pattern

In a sea of jean cutoffs and black bra tops, color and pattern are your chance to stand out. I’m a firm believer that every outfit should include at least one semi-one-of-a-kind piece, and the more color that piece contains the better. Throughout my three days at the Hangout Music Festival, I met this standard with my mom’s vintage button-up cover-up, a Goodwill skirt I hemmed, and a pair of tie dye shorts. The classic festival looks are classic for a reason: they’re foolproof. However, you’re no fool; you can do better.

Below are my festival girl gang’s daily mirror pictures. I’ve highlighted some of my own pieces, but take notes on my girls’ outfits too. They too killed the festival style game and are hella cute.

there's  Darcy !

there's Darcy!

meet Abby

meet Abby

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